2020 LaGrange Rotary Trash Bash
“Be a Road Warrior for your own street or nearby roads”
For the past 17 years the LaGrange Rotary Club has organized Trash Bash as a way to get the community together to pick up litter on town roads during the spring.  This year in response to county, state, and federal mandates for “social distancing” the LaGrange Rotary Club will not be able to sponsor Trash Bash so we would like to encourage LaGrange residents to continue the spirit of Trash Bash and recognize Earth Day (4/22/20) by collecting litter on their own roads during the month of April. 
Due to “social distancing” we will not come together as a group on the same day.  Instead we will post a Town Road map which you can access by clicking here where we will highlight roads in yellow that have been selected for picked up and change highlight to blue when roads are picked up.  If you want to be recognized for your effort, we will identify the Family or Individuals responsible for the Road selected.  If you want your efforts to be recognized for a particular organization, we will list their name.
The following outlines the process for participating in recognition of Trash Bash:
  • Choose a Road where you plan to pick up litter.  See Road Map.
  • Please avoid roads shown as red on the map as they are heavily traveled high speed roads and we want everyone to be safe.
  • Contact us at trashbash@optonline.net, identify Road you plan to pick up and we will highlight it in yellow on the map.
  • If you want to be recognized, identify Family or Organization.
  • If you need Community Service Credit, we will provide you a letter.
  • If you want a few trash bags, safety vest & disposable gloves, we will deliver to you.
  • Pick up road litter at your convenience and place filled bags in your own trash bin.
  • Contact us at trashbash@optonline.net when done and we will highlight in blue.
  • Items that will not fit in a garbage bag, are not able to be picked up.
If LaGrange residents are interested in Rotary’s 2020 Trash Bash, please click on (link) to see road map, contact us at trashbash@optonline.net to ask questions, or request trash bags, vests and disposable gloves to be dropped off.