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Rotary Club of LaGrange-Sunrise Chartered Jan 15, 1999
OFFICERS Jack Brewster President Mellina Weiss President-Elect Alex Brewster Vice-President Rose Shaffer Secretary Ron Weiss Treasurer DIRECTORS Paul Doherty (6/00) Community Service Ken Kull (6/99) International Service Larry Sullivan (6/99) Vocational Service Sam Shaffer Jr (6/00) Club Service

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE Gary Beck Sr Alex Brewster Jack Brewster Paul Doherty Rose Shaffer Sam Shaffer Jr Larry Sullivan Mellina Weiss Ron Weiss

Charter Members Rotary Club of LaGrange-Sunrise
Ken Andrews +
Gary Beck Jr *p
Gary Beck Sr *
Alexander S Brewster *
John S Brewster *p
Steven R Ciancio *p
Bruce Cunningham
Kate Devany
Edmund V Caplicki Jr
Richard Cole +
Paul Doherty *p
Kevin Donahue
James Fagan
Kenneth A Kull +
Arthur McCluskey
John Oakes
John Page *
Dan Richards
Paul Schnecke
Jay Shaffer
Rosemary Shaffer *p
Samuel H Shaffer Jr *p
Leonard Spinelli *
Cynthia Sullivan
Lawrence Sullivan +p
John Trott
Mellina Weiss *
Ronald J Weiss *p

* Paul Harris Fellow
+ Sustaining Paul Harris
p Past President